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BN-8500 Napkin toothpick and plastic cutlery packing machine

Technical Parameters

Napkin machine parameter
机器型号 Machine Model BN-8500
折叠速度 Speed 60-150包/分(bag/min)
纸巾尺寸 Napkin—dimensions 6-17英寸(inch)
折叠范围 Folding Range 6-12折
折叠宽度 Folding with 25-60mm
纸卷最大直径 Scroll max-dia Diameter 900
纸巾最大宽度 Scroll max-with 450mm
纸巾压花宽度 Scroll embossing-width 330mm
外形尺寸 Packing line dimensions 1900*1400*1700mm
整机功率 Power 1.5KW

Follow wrapping machine
机器型号 Machine Model BN-8500
最大卷膜宽度 Film max-width 250mm
包装膜厚度 Film thickness 0.012-0.05mm
包装速度 Packing speed 20-150包/分(bag/min)
包装成品尺寸 Bag dimensions
(L) 100-300mm
(W) 30-80mm
(H) ≤35mm
生产线外形尺寸 Packing line dimensions 8200*1300*1800mm
净重量 Weight 467kg

Toothpick and plastic cutlery automatic
机器型号 Machine Model BN-8500
最大投放速度 Dlivery max-speed 80-120次/分
投放成品尺寸 Bag dimensions
(L) 60-150mm
(W) 40-130mm
(H) 0.1-3mm
外形尺寸 Packing line dimensions 3000*1200*1500mm
净重量 Weigh 1200kg
整机功率 Power 6KW

The main performance and structure features
1.Compact structure,stable performance,simple operation.
2.Dual inverter control,bag length without cutting,there is no need to adjust,in one step,saving time and film.
3.Dusing imported electrical appliances,touch human-machine interface, convenient parameter setting.
4.Fault self diagnosis function,fault display stick out a mile.
5.High sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking,make the cutting position more accurately.
6.Temperature independent PID control,more suitable for all kinds of material coating.
7.Positioning stopp function,non stick knives,do not wate of film.
8.The rotation system,reliable operation,convenient maintenance.
9.The control is realized by software,convenient for for function adjusting and technical upgrading,never backward.

Components Brand BN-8500G

NO. PART NAME Quantity Brand
1 Servo motor 7 DORNA
2 Proximmity sensor 2 Pefun
3 Encoder 6 OMRON
4 Tracking magic eye 1 JULONG
5 Power switch 4 Chint Group
6 PLC 4 Panasonic
7 sensor 6 omch
8 Touch screen 4 Tongtai
9 Stainless steel 5 201
10 Solenoid Valve 1 JELPC
11 Bearing 30 TAIWAN SHENGAN
12 Temperature Sensor 2
Note: Air compressor buyer configuration.

Components Brand BN-8500D

NO. PART NAME Quantity Brand
1 Servo motor 5 DORNA
2 Inverter(0.75KW) 2 Panasonic
3 Proximmity sensor 2 Pefun
4 Encoder 6 OMRON
5 Tracking magic eye 1 JULONG
6 Power switch 4 Chint Group
7 PLC 4 Panasonic
8 sensor 6 omch
9 Touch screen 4 Tongtai
10 Sheet metal 5
11 Code printer 1 Dikai
12 Bearing 30 TAIWAN SHENGAN
13 Temperature Sensor 2
Note: Air compressor buyer configuration.