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ML-300 Automatic Rolling Shrink Packaging Machine

Scope of application: longer products, such as flooring, wallpaper, etc.

Model ML-300
Sealing form Rolled closed
power supply 380v/50-60Hz/3phase
Package height ≤125mm
Package width ≤350mm
Package dimensions Width + height ≤ 400mm
Package length Unlimited
Packing speed Depending on product length
Using film POF folding film, PE folding film
Maximum film 530mm wide * 280mm
Total power 8.5kw
Furnace size 1200mm (L) furnace mouth 450 (W) * 220 (H) mm
transfer speed Adjustable, 40 m / min
Conveyor belt Chain conveyor belt, roller sleeve silicone management
Platform height 750-820mm
Air pressure ≤0.5Mpa
Sealing and cutting system Constant temperature heating system, easy to change the cutter, sealing and cutting, no smoke, no smell
Operation interface Eview color touch screen
main material Carbon steel
Total Weight 600kg